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Removing candle wax from carpet

11 Jun

Removing candle wax from carpet

It can be extremely difficult to remove wax from carpet if you don’t know how to do it the right way. Use our tips to remove the wax quickly and easily.

For spilled wax on carpet, use a thick dry paper bag as a blotter and run a hot clothes iron over it. You can take the iron away and put it back on again to really heat the wax and soften it. It really works. In order not to damage your carpet, make sure you don’t touch iron to carpet without paper bag. The paper will absorb the candle wax. Be careful if your carpet is of synthetic fibers. The hot iron might melt the carpet. Keep moving the paper bag until all the wax is gone. The melted wax should have transferred from the carpet to the paper bag. So, after finishing the procedure just throw the bag away! Once wax is up your carpet looks like before! This procedure may take a long time but eventually it does work. You may have to repeat the procedure, but it is worth it!

Don’t spend your money on replacing the carpet. Just use our tried and tested ideas on how to remove the wax from your carpeting. Good luck!

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