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Wine Stains on the Carpet

09 Dec

Wine Stains on the Carpet

You spend time with friends and family in your living-room, relax and drink excellent wine. But suddenly, someone accidentally spills a glass of red wine on your white carpet. Stressed is not only the owner, but also guests.

What should be done to remove this horrible stain? Do not worry experts say that there are numerous methods of removing these kinds of stains from the carpet.

The best way is to call to a professional cleaning company and they will help you to deal with it. But at the same time you may do it yourself if you are trying to save money.

When you have the stain from red wine, the best antidote is white wine. White wine will counteract the effects of red wine and will make the removal much easier.All you need is to moisten a cloth with white wine. Wait until the reaction starts, and then soak the stain with a clean towel, clean the carpet using water and special detergent.

Another way of removing stains from the carpet is white soda or sparkling mineral water. Its chemical composition will help to remove the spot out of the carpet fibers, and the salt content will serve as a buffer to protect from paint penetration into the fibers.

Another well-known home remedy for removing red wine stains is hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to moisten the stain with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and wait for few minutes, and then rinse with water.

If you have a white carpet, you just need to keep at home few different tools for cleaning carpets. Nobody knows what you spill on it next time.

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