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Category Archives: Homemade Products

03 Dec

There are several rules in cleaning chromed surfaces. But don’t be afraid it’s not difficult to maintain them, just stick to this rules from the experts. It is not recommended for cleaning chromed surfaces to use detergents and cleaning products that contain abrasive particles. They can scratch the surface and…

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02 Dec

Using homemade products for cleaning your pipes is the least dangerous and the least expensive way of cleaning. Of course, commercial drain cleaners may seem very effective, but you need to know that with the clog these products may eat up your drains. T the same time they are very…

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11 Nov

When you wash your clothes, of course, you use detergents. Nowadays more and more attention is paid to the chemicals that are used in the detergents. Most of them are very harmful for our health. That’s why more people try to make their own detergents that won’t be very harmful.…

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14 Oct

Sometimes houses do smell, but it’s not such a big problem that cannot be fought against. Odor is just gaseous molecules that float around the house. But you also need to understand that nice odors of air fresheners are not always good for our health. Air fresheners contain chemicals that…

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11 Sep

Before you start calling for a special company and before spraying toxic chemicals around your house, consider DIY pest remedies that will prevent appearance of these horrible critters. Fighting ants Use coffee grounds to fight ants! Coffee grounds are considered to a natural ant repellent. If you put some coffee…

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03 Sep

Many of us suffer from allergies, asthma. If you are among those you suffer from these diseases you definitelly should reduce synthetic chemicals in your home environment. You can prefer to use commercial non-toxic home cleaning products that are available at the stores or you can make your own cleaning…

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