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Arrangement of additional storage space

Arrangement of additional storage space 27 Nov

Arrangement of additional storage space

Of course, not everyone can boast of a large apartment with spacious bathrooms and hallways. But it is possible to organize additional storage space even in a small apartment.

We want to offer you some ideas for storage, which will help to organize a small space and make it more convenient not only for cleaning but also for life:

• Pouch for shoes storage can be used not only for its designated purpose. Hang it on the inner surface of the closet door and store all sorts of little things in it: in the hallway it can be various footwear care means, in the kitchen or in the pantry – household chemical goods; scope to imagination is boundless.

• Various baskets and containers really help out and assist in arranging convenient storage. At the same time, if to be smart about it, they can be turned into interesting elements of decor – choose bold colors, interesting shapes, etc.

• If you store shoes in boxes, sign them, so that the search for the right pair of shoes (especially when a few minutes are left before leaving the house) do not turn into archaeological excavations, after which you will need half an hour to put everything in its place. It is convenient to put stickers on boxes, on which you can write, what kind of a pair of shoes is stored in this box. If necessary, you will just peel it off and replace it with another one.

• Summer footwear in the hallway is convenient to store in wicker baskets. They can be hung vertically one above the other or can be slide in the open shelves. But remember that ballet flats, sneakers and other footwear should be stored so that not to lose its shape – not to be crinkled or squished.

• To avoid searching for items of one set f bedding on the shelves of the closet, accurately fold them and put them in the pillowcase from this set.

• Some creative application can also be found for a hanging basket for fruit. If you hang it, for example, in the bathroom it will be possible to keep all sorts of little things there: bathing items, toys, etc.

• A second life can also be given to the used plastic jars with screw-caps. Glue the cap to the bottom of a wooden shelf; place all sorts of little things in the jars. Screw the jars and great storage containers are ready.

• Metal pins will not be lost regularly if you use the magnetic mounting.

• Multi-colored hair bands gather on carabiner (for example, from the keys) – you won’t need to look through all the rooms and it will take little space.

• For convenient storage of jewelry use the most unexpected handy tools: rectangular plastic ice-trays, pill boxes (they are especially good for small items, earrings, rings), plastic egg trays, some ladies use for this purpose form made out of chocolate boxes. And your own imagination can prompt many other decisions.

• There is often a problem with the storage of hats. Decorate the wall with them, placing the hats on nails or hooks. Hats will not get crumpled, and you will be able to boast of a hall in an original boho style.

• If you have a closet or other storage room, use the rational decision of the German housewives: hang the boxes with things under the ceiling. The slotted rails are nailed for this purpose and the box slides between them (similar to boxes in the freezer).

• Convenient additional storage space can be arranged in the bathroom under the sink and beneath the bathtub. A great help will be an extra shelf above the door in the bathroom or toilet room; rarely used items may be placed there as well as some household chemical goods, which are dangerous for kids – there they will not get it for sure.

Human imagination is boundless; do not be afraid of a non-standard use of a variety of things!

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