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How to get rid of summer’s toughest stains

13 Aug

How to get rid of summer’s toughest stains

If you’re stuck doing the laundry, removing really bad stains, follow our helpful tips on how to get out summer’s toughest stains. Getting clothes clean is not difficult. You should use correct methods and laundry products and that’s all.

Ice Cream

What is summer without ice-cream? Can you imagine a summer without ice-cream? The answer is definitely no! So, just in case, we all need to know about removing ice-cream stains. It would be good to apply cool water at once. Then use a pretreatment product. Soak the clothing in an enzyme detergent. If the stains all old, soak at least 20-30 minutes. Then machine wash.


Who doesn’t like ketchup? Most people just enjoy it. If you notice the ketchup stains on your clothes, immediately dab them with water. If you have access to some detergent, use it. Spot-treat. If you should deal with stains not immediately after they happened, pretreat the stain with prewash stain remover or a liquid laundry detergent. Then machine wash using quality detergent and bleach.


Be careful with blood stains as they can become permanent if you do not clean them soon after they happen. So, if the stain is wet, soak the fabric in warm water, then rub with soap. You also can soak the fabric in water and apply a little bit of ammonia. Then machine wash. With dried blood stains, soak the clothes in warm water with an enzyme detergent before laundering. If the stain remains, wash with a bleach and a detergent. Make sure that they are safe for the fabric.


If you should remove grass stains, don’t get upset, it’s possible to remove grass stains from your favourite jeans or shirts. First of all apply a pretreatment product. Let the mixture soak in. Then lightly scrub with a toothbrush. Machine wash using a detergent with enzymes. If the stain remains, wash again with a chlorine bleach for whites or an oxygen bleach for colors.


If you’re responsible for dealing with rust stains, prepare to put a great deal of time and effort into getting out them. We all know that rust is a hard stain to remove. It has many tiny particles that easily stuck in the fiber. Use a quality rust remover. Then launder as usual.

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