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Removing coffee stains? Easily! 18 Sep

Removing coffee stains? Easily!

Coffee stains are usually extremely difficult to be removed. This beverage contains tannin, which quickly and permanently eats into the surface, especially into fabric. To remove such stains some branded stain removers can be used. But sometimes expedient means may occur to be the same effective. We would like to…

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8 ways to captivate your kids by cleaning 11 Sep

8 ways to captivate your kids by cleaning

Since the cleaning time has come, why not to spend it with fun? In such a manner that even the youngest members of the family will want to participate in it! We want to offer you 8 ways how to turn ordinary boring cleaning into an exciting game and develop…

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Our beloved pets. How to deal with the smell? 04 Sep

Our beloved pets. How to deal with the smell?

They are incredibly smart, cuties, our best friends and even family members … But let’s face the truth: we could do well without their smell! Unpleasant odors from the animals may remain the main memory for the guests of your home, even if its interior is astonishing and thought out…

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31 Aug

Lint Roller: a humble helper of your household

10 unusual ways of using a lint roller Sometimes people become real innovators creating new possibilities of using ordinary, well-known, household small things. One of such small things is a lint roller. Many people don’t even realize how useful it can be in their everyday life. So we want to…

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