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8 useful habits to maintain order in your house 13 Nov

8 useful habits to maintain order in your house

Cleanliness of the house with a wave of a magic wand is a dream of everyone who has at least once had to do the cleaning. But unfortunately, in real life cleaning of an apartment or a house takes a lot of time and effort. If you, too, every time…

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06 Nov

How to get rid of musty smell

If the building hasn’t been ventilated for an appreciable length of time (because of the owner’s departure, the sale of housing or other cause of prolonged stagnation of air), an unpleasant musty smell appears, that hovers in the air, making a stay in the house unbearable. Immediately the question arises,…

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30 Oct

Tips on cleaning the tile grout joints

Every housewife wants cleanliness and hygiene to prevail in such an important and intimate place like bathroom. It is very important for every house, but it is often difficult to implement, because of the constant humidity and abundance of bacteria in the bathroom, on its flooring and walls may appear…

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23 Oct

Helpful rules of shower enclosure handling

Shower enclosures appeared in our apartments and houses relatively recently and have gained a great popularity. Modern enclosures in addition to being more compact than bathtubs (which is an undeniable advantage for small apartments), they are more hygienic (dirt is immediately washed away with running water), more economical (the water…

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