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Category Archives: Cleaning industry

Cleaning Tips that are Ruinous 09 Apr

Have you ever thought that cleaning can be really ruinous? Yes, it is really so. There are several things that we shouldn’t do in order not to ruin our precious stuff. Do not pour cleaner onto a carpet stain Remember that over-saturating the stain can damage your carpet and fiber.…

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16 Dec

All of us want to live in a clean environment, we all want a clean house, but do we have time to clean. If no, it’s time to consider hiring a professional cleaning company. Nowadays there are various cleanings companies, but how to choose the right one that will suit…

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09 Sep

If we talk about cleaning homes and getting rid of germs, for many years people had been using bleaches, and it seemed to be the only and the right solution. People didn’t pay attention to the fact that these bleaches caused different health problems and allergies. But the time passes…

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19 Aug

Want to work part time still make good money? Maybe cleaning industry is exactly for you. If you are a student or mom of a few children, you don’t have an opportunity to work full time. Nevertheless you need money and look for a job that makes profit and enables…

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24 Jan

Oftentimes people start working in the cleaning industry at a very early age with a purpose to earn some extra money. Some of them prefer to clean up homes, some want to work for a commercial cleaning company as there are more opportunities to receive enhanced pay when working unsocial…

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21 Jan

Being a house cleaner is a very demanding job. Each house wants different things. Most people leave a list of things to do and want a house cleaner to come when they are not in the house. Job responsibilities vary from home to home, but the most common cleaning tasks…

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