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Category Archives: Floors

07 May

Hardwood floors are considered to be very beautiful, but difficult to take care of. But the truth is…it’s not so difficult, you just need to follow several pieces of advice. No dust and dirt Try to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on your hardwood floors. The reason is…

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06 Jun

After installing your hard wood floor don’t forget that you should take care of it. Floor mat is a great idea when it comes to hardwood floors. Dirt can damage your floor as tiny particles can scratch it. Place a floor mat at each entryway as dirt and grime will…

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01 Jun

Do your best to keep your laminate floors free of dust and dirt. Dirt and hard debris can cause scratches. This in its turn will dull your floors. Sweep and vacuum your laminate floors regularly to prevent the shine from becoming dulled. Also, your floors may look dull because of…

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28 May

Would you like to adorn your home with a nice and comfortable surface? Installing new carpet is a great idea if you want to enhance the beauty of your room. The surface to be carpeted should be smooth and clean. Sweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly. Start the installation process…

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09 Jul

Defining the floor cleaning method If you want to clean your floors like a professional cleaner, you have to find out, what kind of floor you have, beforehand. For Swedish Finish Wood floors (most wood floors for last 25 years have Swedish Finish) you should use around 1 TBL of…

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