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Category Archives: Cleaning products

How to test Cleaning Products for carpets and upholstery 13 Aug

Any advice or instructions for cleaning or removing stains from carpets and upholstered furniture includes a recommendation to test the impact of a detergent in an inconspicuous area. Such checking is necessary, first of all, due to the fact that the carpet pile or upholstery of the furniture under the…

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Cleaners You Can Make Yourself 17 Oct

Very often cleaning experts say that it is very important to use environmentally-friendly cleaners, especially at home. Today we made up a lift of cleaners that are easy to prepare, but that are very effective in use. If you’ve found out that you don’t have your favorite cleaner, just mix…

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Best Food and Best Cleaners 10 Oct

If we hear a word “cleaning supply” we immediately imagine a substance in a bottle that is full of chemicals and is dangerous for our health and environment. But we advise to open your fridge and take out the best products and the best cleaners. Lemon Lemon cleans practically everything.…

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29 May

After you’ve cleaned everything, scrubbed the kitchen, unfortunately, there are still places that we forget to clean. Here is the list of appliances that we usually forget to clean properly. Washing machine Usually people think that washing machine is clean because soap and water cleans it. Don’t forget that interior…

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21 Feb

First of all, you always need to keep in mind that LCD screen is not glass. Do not clean it as if it is a glass screen. It’s a big mistake. LCD means liquid crystal display and such a type of a screen consists of a soft film that can…

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07 Feb

Clean and fresh air is very important for our homes, especially if we have children. According to the American Lung Association, lung diseases cause a great number of deaths of children at the age less than a year old. That is why parents need to be very careful while choosing…

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19 Dec

Natural cleaners do not always mean that they are green cleaners. For example, many sites tell that borax is a green cleaner, but it’s not. We can’t dispute on the fact that it’s natural, but for surely it’s not green. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral, known as sodium borate,…

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04 Dec

There are numerous cleaning products that can be found in the stores. Moreover, many of them contain chlorine, a substance that is a toxic agent. Its vapor can irritate your lungs. Chlorine is the greatest danger for people with heart and respiratory diseases. Especially harmful is to use cleaners containing…

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03 Dec

There are several rules in cleaning chromed surfaces. But don’t be afraid it’s not difficult to maintain them, just stick to this rules from the experts. It is not recommended for cleaning chromed surfaces to use detergents and cleaning products that contain abrasive particles. They can scratch the surface and…

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02 Dec

Using homemade products for cleaning your pipes is the least dangerous and the least expensive way of cleaning. Of course, commercial drain cleaners may seem very effective, but you need to know that with the clog these products may eat up your drains. T the same time they are very…

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