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Category Archives: Seasonal Cleaning

Cleaning Tricks That Will Save Your Money 06 May

Clever housewives always think of different ways of saving family budged. When we talk about cleaning it seems that there is no way that you can save on it, but our experts agree that there are clever housekeeping tips that will help families to economize. 1.    Do not waste cleaning…

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07 Mar

Spring is here and we start our spring cleaning. Out experts from Maria House Cleaning has prepared Spring Cleaning Guide for you. Let’s start! Of course, you can go to the store and buy special window cleaners, but today we propose you to try something natural. If you want to…

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28 Feb

Here are several tips from the experts that will help you to prepare your home for spring. 1.       Change outdoor bulbs Spring is time for cleaning all light fixtures and for replacing burnt-out bulbs. 2.       Clean Doors Add shine to your door. Polish it or paint it with a color…

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11 Dec

Not so many days are left till the holidays, so we have these couple of days to get ready for the guests. Here are several last minute holiday cleaning tips that will help you to meet your guests with a smile on your face. ·        Clean coat racks or closet…

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10 Oct

Autumn has come and it’s time to clean everything in the house and around the house. Fall cleaning is a great time of preparation for a clean and comfortable winter time and it’s time to clean all summer stuff. Experts from Maria House Cleaning have prepared a special fall cleaning…

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