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Category Archives: Checklists

12 Sep

If you are ready to sell your house, you need to think about making it attractive and appealing as much as possible to potential buyers. The easiest answer to this question is to find a professional janitorial company. What should be done by a cleaning team? First of all, they…

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11 Jul

There are so many cleaning tips and pieces of advice that seem to be important and useful, but in real life many of them are useless. Experts from Maria House Cleaning have prepared the list of the most important tips for housewives. Let’s start… 1. Ice cubes deodorize a garbage…

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14 Nov

Sometimes there are situations when you need to clean the apartment in a short period of time. Sometimes guests drop us a visit or unexpected visitors will come. Is it possible to clean an apartment for such a short time? Experts say that you can. The main thing is to…

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31 Oct

Let’s continue to speak about the cleaning checklist for the whole house or apartment. Today the experts have prepared the cleaning checklist for bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. Bathroom 1.      Clean mirrors. You may use special glass cleaners to wipe off all the stains from splashes and toothpaste. 2.      Clean…

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30 Oct

Professional organizers agree that clean environment of your house gives you the possibility to live more successful life and more interesting life without stress. If you use the help of a cleaning crew, try to remember their checklist and use it in your family. If you do all the work…

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17 Sep

This cleaning checklist will help you to save time during the next cleaning. Our experts say that such a checklist will also help you to keep your house clean between the clean-ups. Let’s start with the kitchen. 1.      Clean the sink Remove all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and…

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29 Aug

What is the best way to prepare the messiest house for guests, especially if you have only 30 minutes? Of course, you can use the help of professionals and be sure that the house will shine. CLEANING Usually guests spend much time in the living room, dining room and kitchen,…

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21 Jun

Moving gives us an opportunity to make our new home fresh, clean and sparkle. When you move into a new house, you should pre-clean it before the moving van arrives. It’s important to make note of all the things and areas that need cleaning. If you don’t have enough time…

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