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Category Archives: Green Cleaning

Anti-allergic cleaning 21 Sep

Your house is your fortress. For each person, the house is a place where comfort and convenience reigns, it’s a place where we rest after hustle and bustle of a difficult working day. But sometimes our home appears not as safe as we would like to see it. The increasing…

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Green Cleaning Products for Every Occasion 16 Feb

Janitorial cleaning service is not about the cleanliness of the surfaces; it’s about cleaning deeply and having the right tools. It is very important to have the right list of things that help to keep your building clean. Do you like your house to be clean and shiny? Do you…

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27 Dec

If you have thought about using eco-friendly cleaning products, probably you have heard about enzymatic cleaners. But how do they work and when can we use them? These questions are very common, so our experts decided to help you and will answer these questions with pleasure. Enzymatic cleaners contain enzymes…

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19 Dec

Natural cleaners do not always mean that they are green cleaners. For example, many sites tell that borax is a green cleaner, but it’s not. We can’t dispute on the fact that it’s natural, but for surely it’s not green. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral, known as sodium borate,…

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02 Dec

Using homemade products for cleaning your pipes is the least dangerous and the least expensive way of cleaning. Of course, commercial drain cleaners may seem very effective, but you need to know that with the clog these products may eat up your drains. T the same time they are very…

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04 Nov

Today our experts will explain why it is better to use eco-friendly products. Nowadays most of cleaning products consist of harsh chemicals which are harmful to our health. Especially if you have kids in your family, it is a high time to think about switching to the homemade cleaners. Why…

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08 Oct

Table salt can be perfectly used for preparing different kinds of scrubs, at the same time it’s the cheapest variant. Where to use it? Pans and pots Table salt is the best variant for cleaning greasy pans and pots. Table salt can absorb grease very easily. Glass Table salt itself…

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30 Sep

Green cleaning is one of the most popular tendencies in cleaning nowadays. Experts from our Seattle company has prepared several very important and useful green tips for you. First of all, you need to get rid of toxic cleaning products. Usual cleaners contain lots of horrible toxic components that are…

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27 Sep

Why do many people try to choose eco-friendly cleaning products? The answer is clear…because they do not harm people, they do not cause allergies and other diseases even such terrible as cancer. Scientists have proved that toxic chemicals that are contained in the cleaning products contribute to cancer development. Experts…

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10 Sep

More and more people prefer using homemade cleansers and for their preparation they use natural and very common ingredients that can be found in any store or house. The practice of our professionals shows that there are several basic ingredients that can be used while preparing almost all the cleaners.…

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