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Category Archives: Cleaning advice

Rules for limescale removal (Part 2) 14 Aug

Proceed to cleaning toilets The peculiarity of cleaning the toilet bowl is that the limescale, which accumulates under the rim of the bowl, is the most difficult to remove. Therefore it is important to remember some secrets: · to remove it, you need to use more intensive means, designed specifically…

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Rules for limescale removal (Part 1) 06 Apr

Comfort and cleanliness in the house is the cherished dream of all the housewives. But to achieve it, it takes a lot of effort. After all, in the struggle for purity, sometimes even such an assistant as water can be an enemy. Are you surprised? Passing through the layers of…

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The dirtiest place in the house 06 Oct

Most housewives are sure that the most dangerous bacteria live under the toilet seat. However, their habitat is much broader. What should not be overlooked during cleaning? Cutting board On the wooden cutting board the average number of bacteria is 200 times higher than on the toilet seat. To avoid…

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12 Jan

Without a doubt, a mirror is an essential element of any home interior. Usually cleaning a small mirror does not present any difficulties, but if a huge closet with mirrored doors or walls emerges in your house, then the situation changes radically. How to clean a mirror so that no…

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Tips on quick cleaning after the holiday festivities 23 Dec

Birthday, New Year or just a visit of friends – it is always a festive occasion, lots of fun, good mood. Meat and salads, wine and champagne – all this adorns a festive table and pleases the eye. But the guests have left … Meat and salads, wine and champagne…

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8 useful habits to maintain order in your house 13 Nov

Cleanliness of the house with a wave of a magic wand is a dream of everyone who has at least once had to do the cleaning. But unfortunately, in real life cleaning of an apartment or a house takes a lot of time and effort. If you, too, every time…

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15 Oct

Curtains for any room are not only an essential element of decor, but also a pledge of creation of coziness in the room. Therefore, it is important for any housewife that their curtains preserve the purity and are specious as long as possible. We want to offer you some useful…

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Cleaning the house after repair 08 Oct

Probably, every family lived through an exciting moment of the completion of house reparation, when everything, even minor finishing works, are completed. But there is one obstacle between you and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the renewed housing. This obstacle is cleaning. How to clean an apartment or a house…

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Cleaning tips for grease stains on the carpet 02 Oct

Sometimes it happens that a carpet gets stained with something greasy. How to get rid of grease stains? It is not always easy, but there are several effective ways of removing such unpleasant problems. Our cleaning company will give you few tips. Grease and oil are the most stubborn contaminations.…

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31 Aug

10 unusual ways of using a lint roller Sometimes people become real innovators creating new possibilities of using ordinary, well-known, household small things. One of such small things is a lint roller. Many people don’t even realize how useful it can be in their everyday life. So we want to…

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