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Category Archives: Cleaning advice

Cleaning a house without using any chemical agents 19 Aug

Housecleaning without any chemicals will allow you to remove the dirt from the furniture surfaces and take care of your own health. We would like to offer you some tips that will help you to clean the furniture without using any chemical agents. 1. Lemon juice is the best means…

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Useful Habits for Those Who Hate Cleaning  06 Mar

Is an immaculate home your dream? Are you tired of Saturday cleanings? There are several variants to resolve this problem. The first one is to hire a cleaning company. Nevertheless, be sure to find the most affordable and professional in your region. And the second variant is to fall into…

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Cleaning Crystal – Getting Ready for Holidays 31 Oct

Crystal stemware is a must have on a holiday table. But it doesn’t look inviting and festive when it is waxy, filmy and spotty. What can be done? In order to clean glasses and to remove hard water deposits, we recommend using white vinegar. Warm in a microwave two cups…

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06 Sep

Is it possible to have a clean and neat house every day? Here is the list of important habits that will help you to maintain your house and be sure that it stays shiny and clean. Put away your clothes every night When you put on your favorite pajamas after…

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04 Jul

Even if you clean your house very often, it is very likely that there are things that are still not clean, and what is even worse…many of these things are full of germs and bacteria. Here is the list of the dirtiest things in your house. Kitchen sponge Probably, you’ve…

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18 Jun

Even when we start thinking about deep cleaning, it makes us sick and tired. Is it possible to clean your home in no time? If yes, where and how we are to start? Experts from Maria House Cleaning in Seattle have prepared several very useful tips that will help you…

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10 Jun

Most of the cleaning companies and their employees use modern detergents and materials, including microfiber cloths. Why it is better to use microfiber? Because it is a synthetic fabric made of polyester, polyamide or nylon, and it is best for cleaning. Microfiber cloth does not cause allergies, cleanses perfectly even…

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25 Mar

Every year in spring, it is recommended to clean everything in your house. Today our experts will share several important tips that will help you not only to have a clean, but also a healthier home. It is important to dust everything in your house, replace the filters of the…

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20 Jan

Have you ever thought that cleaning may help you to economize? Our experts say that there are cleaning tips that really work and save the money. Today they agreed to share these tips. You need to understand that clean appliances work better and use less energy to do the job.…

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06 Jan

Holiday season is over, so it’s a high time to start cleaning. Wax stains are the most common problem after Christmas and New Year’s parties. How to remove these wax drippings from the carpets and furniture? For the wax removal from the carpet you will need: 1. Dish-washing liquid 2.…

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