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Category Archives: Organizing Tips

Usual myths about the domestic order it’s high time to get rid of 15 Feb

Orderliness. What a difficult word. And to achieve this orderliness is even much harder. And the reason for this is because lots of myths have grown around keeping the household and workplace in order, which should have long been dispelled. Good orderliness doesn’t center around putting the papers into the…

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Arrangement of additional storage space 27 Nov

Of course, not everyone can boast of a large apartment with spacious bathrooms and hallways. But it is possible to organize additional storage space even in a small apartment. We want to offer you some ideas for storage, which will help to organize a small space and make it more…

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25 Sep

We believe that cleaning should be done without haste. We are convinced: it is a kind of meditation, a way to relieve stress and get away from other pressing problems. But a modern housewife usually as so many things to do at once: with one hand she cooks some soup,…

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Organized People: What Is Their Secret? 24 Oct

Have you ever thought how some people manage to stay clean, neat and organized? Are there any secrets? The answer is YES! These organized people have their tricks. One Room – One Purpose Each room should have its special purpose. This will help you to have special zones with special…

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19 Aug

Color is used as a powerful tool that can inspire, calm, and influence your mood, health, happiness and well-being. Each room in the house should be colored according to your preferences and color therapy tips. If you choose right colors, you house may become a place for calm, relaxation and…

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31 Jan

Sometimes our closets look really messy, we can spend hours looking for the second shoe or the pants that you need. Today we will tell you how to get rid of clutter in the closet. First of all, take all the things out of the closet. And now sort your…

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18 Oct

Even when the most of the work is done by a washing machine and a dryer, all the collecting, sorting, folding activities take lots of time, especially if you have kids and a large family. Today experts will share the tips on how to reduce the time spend doing laundry.…

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02 Sep

Sometimes every room in a house turns in a mess. Here are several tips to make the space in the rooms of your home more productive. Bathroom, as one of the most important rooms in the house, should always be clean and organized. First of all take everything out of…

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12 Aug

Found a new apartment or rental place and want to sanitize it prior to moving in? Follow the tips below to prepare your place for move-in party. If you have children you understand how important it is to thoroughly clean and sanitize the place before the whole family will move…

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20 Jun

Have you started your summer clean up and don’t know what to do with all the stuff you’ve discovered? We hope our tips ill help you haul it all away! We understand that you got used to all that stuff. But you should face the fact that you don’t need…

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